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Red Rock Flight School’s lead instructor has been teaching aspiring pilots since 1990. Our one-on-one lessons and airline quality training will get you flying in no time.


Safety is our first priority. Our aircraft meet and exceed all FAA requirements and lessons are conducted with a safety-first mantra.


All lessons are one on one (student & teacher). Scheduling is flexible, Open 7 days a week, and at the frequency that the student requests.


All lessons are conducted using a detailed lesson plan and curriculum that meets and exceeds FAA training standards.


Intro Flights

Learn from experienced instructors & get answers to questions.

Introductory Flight

Experience what it’s like to be a pilot with you at the controls.

Co-Pilot Flight

Get in the cockpit and fly one-on-one with an experienced instructor.


Get your license, add a rating, or brush up on flying skills.

Private Pilot’s License

Gain your wings by obtaining your Private Pilot’s License with focused one-on-one instruction at Red Rock Flight School.

Instrument Rating

Learn how to operate a plane by using only the instrumentation of the aircraft.

Commercial Pilot License

Further your career and get your Commercial Pilot License with Red Rock Flight School.

Multi-Engine Rating

Learn new skills to help you operate bigger and faster aircraft.

Flight Simulator

FAA approved as a training device for private license, instrument rating and instrument currency requirements.

Instructor Certification

Become a Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, or Multi Engine Instructor.

Just For Fun

Want to take a flight just for fun?

Romantic Instruction Flight for Two

Take a romantic flight over the city lights for you and that special someone with you at the controls.

Scenic Sedona Instruction Flight

Take off from Mesa AZ, and fly up to experience scenic Sedona from a bird’s eye view while learning flying basics.

Written Test Prep

We offer an in-depth prep course to get you ready for taking your Written Test.

You don’t even have to be a Red Rock student to attend!

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Red Rock At Spend It In

Hey Red Rockers, do you remember this young aspiring aviator!


This is Alex Pfleger, and he was the winner of the Copperstate Fly In Photo contest! He received for his first place prize, 40 flight hours at Red Rock and has put them to good use!

We are amazed at his dedication to learning and aviation, and are pleased to announce he has successfully passed his first rating, and is a Private pilot!

Red Rock Announcement!

Red Rock has recently purchased an amphibious aircraft and will begin teaching Airplane Single-Engine Sea ratings!

We are happy to welcome our newest plane, an LA-4-180 Lake Plane, and congratulate Jim on getting his ASES CFI rating to begin teaching our students new ways to fly and land!

The plane will be ready for training to start in Fall of 2024! Stay tuned for more!

Realize the Dream!

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