About red rock

Learn about Red Rock Flight School and meet the owners Jim & Jordie Samuelson.

teaching aspiring pilots for more than 30 years.

In 2019, Jim and Jordie Samuelson opened Red Rock Flight School to share their passion for the sky.

Jim Samuelson was born in Los Angeles, California and always loved planes. This led to him beginning to fly in 1987 and teaching new pilots by 1990. He was Chief Instructor at Trans States Airlines, a Captain at America West, and is currently a Check Airman and 777 Captain for American Airlines. He landed in Arizona after becoming a First Officer for America West.

Jordie Samuelson was born in Colorado, but having spent the majority of her life in the Arizonan heat, considers herself an Arizona native. She worked at America West Airlines as a flight attendant which would lead to her interest in flying as she is now pursuing a private pilot license at Red Rock. She is also a mother and grandmother.

The couple met while both working at America West and it was love at first flight. After teaching new students right in their own kitchen, the couple knew they had to expand their space. Red Rock is now a mom-and-pop style flight school that’s committed to offering airline quality training at affordable prices in a safe, student-friendly atmosphere.

Jim and Jordie look forward to taking you on the next flight toward your dreams.

Meet the Team


Jim Samuelson
School: Spartan
From: Los Angeles, CA

Brent Curtis
Chief Pilot
School: Ascend Aviation
From: Saint Cloud, MN

Ryan Walters
Assistant Chief Pilot
School: UND Aerospace
From: Queen Creek, AZ

Logan Gunnel
School: Red Rock
From: Mesa, AZ

Daniel Parker
School: ATP
From: Mesa, AZ

Hunter Woodcock
Instrument Program Director
School: WestWind
From: Syracuse, NY

Carson Ruedemann
School: Red Rock
From: Scottsdale, AZ

Kyle Bertis
Ground Instructor
School: Red Rock
From: Northern California

Lilly Meaux
School: Red Rock
From: Milwaukee, WI

Nick Walsingham
Part-time Instructor
School: Red Rock
From: Tucson, AZ

Nathan Schreck
Part-Time Instructor
School: Red Rock
From: Canute, OK

Michael Beaudoin
School: ATP
From: Simi Valley, CA

Eddie Clancey
School: UND Aerospace
From: Kailua, HI


Russ Satterfield
Satterfield Maintenance LLC
From: Mesa, AZ

Office Staff

Jordie Samuelson
From: Mesa, AZ

Anna Suazo
Office Manager
From: Placitas, NM

Brie Samuelson
From: Mesa, AZ

Bridget Bauhard
From: Mesa, AZ

NEW! Learn more about the Red Rock crew, both present and those who have moved on to Airline jobs, here:

Years Instructing Pilots

Flight Time Hours

Graduated students

our aircraft

The Red Rock fleet receive 50 hour inspections and are maintained by an independant maintenance facility. Aircraft are IFR maintained and have modern GPS navigation equipment and ADSB transponders have been installed to meet FAA requirements.

Our Complex, High Performance, & Multi-Engine Aircraft

PIPER LANCE - Red Rock 24 - N924SM

Piper Malibu - Red Rock 1 - N66SF

Piper Aztec - Red Rock 46 - N70846

Our Standard PA-28-180 Piper Cherokee Trainers

Red Rock 66 - N9366J

RED ROCK 83 - N7383W

Red Rock 71 - N7108W

Red Rock 60 - N7860W

Red Rock 91 - N9166J

The newest member of our fleet!

Red Rock 53 - N7053W

Red Rock 30 - N8330W

Flight Simulator

Our flight simulator re-creates aircraft flight so you can learn and practice in a safe environment. It includes replicating the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of flight controls, the effects of other aircraft systems, and how the aircraft reacts to external factors such as air density, turbulence, wind shear, cloud, precipitation, etc.