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Red Rock Flight School offers several different training courses for both beginners and intermediate pilots. Scroll through the FAQs to learn more about what we offer and what the requirements entail for pilots.

How long does it take to get a Private Pilot License?

It typically takes 3-6 months to obtain your PPL, we recommend at least 2 flights a week.

How much will a Private Pilot License cost at Red Rock Flight School?

We approximate about $17,000 for your Private Pilot License with a minimum of 50 flight hours.

Where is Red Rock Flight School located?

We are located at Mesa’s Falcon Field Airport and our address is 4805 E. Falcon Dr, Mesa AZ.

When and how often will lessons be?

We recommend 2-4 lessons per week. Our hours change with the seasons but with weather permitting, we are open 7 days a week typically from sunrise to sunset. Lessons are typically scheduled directly between you and your instructor so as to best fit your schedule and availability.

What type of aircraft will I fly?

We have several types of aircrafts, your primary instruction will be done in either a Piper Cherokee 180 or a Cessna 172. We also have a Piper Lance that is used for high performance and complex endorsements as well as a Piper Turbo Aztec used for multi engine training.

Who maintains planes?

Satterfield Aviation Services have facilities on site to facilitate and perform all maintenance.

What is the process of flight certifications?

The process begins with obtaining your medical certificate. From there it is a combination of at home study and ground school (to prepare for your written exam) as well as flight training. All of this will lead up to your final Checkride which consists of both an oral and flight portion.

How much is a Multi-Engine Rating?

Your multi engine rating is typically around $6,000 which includes an average of 8 hours of flight time.

What does Red Rock offer?

We offer all your basic ratings, Private, Instrument, Commercial (With high performance and complex endorsement) as well as Multi engine add-on, CFI and CFII. For each rating we offer group ground courses for written and checkride prep.
We also have some one time ‘just for fun’ flights that make great gifts!

Need help financing your dream?

Start your search with one of these trusted lenders:

(Formerly Pilot Finance)

Red Rock Flight School has also teamed up with Flight Training Finance for more conventional financing options.

You can view their website here: Flight Training Finance

If you are just looking into flying as a hobby, or a new skill to learn, you can find their General Student FAQ’s Here: Flight Student FAQ’s

And, if you are more interested in aviation as a career, they have a separate set of FAQ’s more geared towards information that will be beneficial to you Here: Career Training Concerns

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